Why do you need a backend for your apps?

Mobile development is interesting and its a whole new platform that developers can try out new ideas. As soon as you are done with creating basic apps you naturally want to do more with your next set of apps, this almost always requires you to have a SERVER.

There are lot of companies providing BaaS (Backend as a service). The most popular ones are

These companies provide many of the functionalities that would be enough for most backends that mobile developers would ever need. But few those few programmers who need to look at the source of everything they deal with, there is no other option other than to spin up your own server.

  •     Things you can do with a backend for servers include
  •     upload photos
  •     chat
  •     keep track of user data
  •     link users of different platforms

Two most popular web stack which everyone recommends by default is

Starting with Scala

Just started learning Scala, Its a functional language which runs on top of JVM, and the ability to use Scala and java together is a big positive for any Java developer. If you are not familiar with Java you can try Haskell lang.

(I try to learn as many languages as i can, helps me in improving my though process).

As to flex my functional programming muscle ill try to solve FizzBuzz which is one of the most commonly solved programming puzzle. If you are not familiar with it u can read the whole story here.

Problem statement for FizzBuzz:
print numbers 1 to 100 . For mutiples of 3 print Fizz, for multiples of 5 print Buzz. For multiples of both 3 and 5 print FizzBuzz.


val increment = 1;
def fizzBuzz(start : Int,end : Int):Unit=

def printThings(num : Int)= {
if(num % 3 == 0 && num % 5 == 0) print(“FizzBuzz”)
else if(num % 3 == 0) print(“Fizz”)
else if(num % 5 == 0) print(“Buzz”)
else print(num)
print(“\t”); //Little templating

if(start <= end) {


1    2    Fizz    4    Buzz    Fizz    7    8    Fizz    Buzz
11    Fizz    13    14    FizzBuzz    16    17    Fizz    19
Buzz    Fizz    22    23    Fizz    Buzz    26    Fizz    28
29    FizzBuzz    31    32    Fizz    34    Buzz    Fizz    37
38    Fizz    Buzz    41    Fizz    43    44    FizzBuzz    46
47    Fizz    49    Buzz    Fizz    52    53    Fizz    Buzz    56
Fizz    58    59    FizzBuzz    61    62    Fizz    64
Buzz    Fizz    67    68    Fizz    Buzz    71    Fizz    73
74    FizzBuzz    76    77    Fizz    79    Buzz    Fizz    82
83    Fizz    Buzz    86    Fizz    88    89    FizzBuzz    91
92    Fizz    94    Buzz    Fizz    97    98    Fizz    Buzz

Scala gurus might have better ways of doing it. Ill improve on the solution as soon as i learn new Scala tricks :).

Quality of software engineers



There are quiet a few article on HN which states most of the so called software engineers dont know to code FizzBuzz. Though i have run into quiet a few incapable software engineers i didnot completely buy into the argument.

Software developers should be knowing atleast the basics of how software works right? software engineers cannot be computer illitrates right?

One of my Android App “Mobile Number Tracker” is moderately successful, and downloaded 1.5 million times. I get quiet a number of mails from the users now and then, most of them are appreciative and helpful , but once in a while i get mails from complete idiots. They either misunderstand what the app is for and doing.

Just minutes back i got the below mail, i am not sure whether i should laugh or get angry.
Subject : Stop Accessing My Mobile: I’ll put a complient to Cyber Crime Dept. Police

Stop Accessing My Mobile, otherwise I’ll take scerious action , I know these things are happening after installing your software (Mobile Number Tracker).

I’ll put a complient to Cyber Crime Department Police. Becarefull !!!


Out of all possible computer illitrate users you meet, the mailer is actually a software enginner with 5 years of experience :O. Confirmed this by cross checking his email id with fb and G+ accounts.

Now i agree there can be many software engineers who are computer illitrate.

P.S: just in case if you are wondering, here is the link ,the app doesnt contact any external server at all, except for google ads.

Movie theaters updated

Just released an updated of Movie Theaters app, with added ability to download HQ movie posters to iPhone album. Needs another version update for enabling the same for iPad.

Its relatively easy to make images save to iOS photo album, a single call to UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum does the job,

Format: UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(UIImage *image, id completionTarget, SEL completionSelector, void *contextInfo)

I had to re write and move lot of code form controllers as there is a major UI change in the new version, added tabs bars instead of segues.

Here are some screenshots.

Dont forget give feeedback in case if you have downloaded the app.

Back to India


London is a beautiful city with lights and rain and snow, was in london for the past year on a official project, oh did i mention that this is the first time that i have travelled away from india. My assigment there was short and simple one, to build a framework to test deal flows on ETRM software package. While the actual work is quiet simple and stright-forward, the way corporate take up such task is a real pain.

Back to Bangalore now, (i have started my professional career in bangalore and lived here for 3.5 years) and started setting up my new home and home office, this takes times but for now i am managing with just with my MBP. Will need to buy a new computer table and two 1080P monitors for some serious hacking.

Started updating the Movie theaters app, restructuring the information displayed on the screen and trying to add screen timings for the movies. My coding skills became little rusty after a month of zero code (Roamed the streets of london like crazy on the last month, will post a separate post on the same :D ). Will update my progress here and the idea is to make my laziness go away with the fear of public humiliation.